Yup! We do pedicures and manicures for both men and women because they’re actually good for your health. A good pedicure supports your lymph system which helps your body ward off diseases and keeps tissues healthy because a calf and foot massage is included in the service. Massage is particularly helpful to anyone who works on their feet or has circulation issues, like diabetics, or if your feet swell, or if you’d like your feet to feel better but you wouldn’t be caught dead in a salon.

You should get a pedicure because many of our clients tell us their feet feel good for several days after their appointment.


Our staff does a great pedicure for either men or women. Their years of experience, professionalism, and passion for customer service will result in a growing client list. When you come for the first appointment be prepared to get spoiled for about 45 minutes. You’re going to get a thorough pedicure because Melissa and Carrie will do the work that others routinely neglect. Follow up visits will probably be slightly shorter.


Your pedicure can be customized for you. You can have everything that’s included in the basic service or leave out what you wish because it’s your pedicure.

Basic Pedicure

  1. You will enjoy a relaxing foot bath in warm swirling water while seated in a comfortable padded chair equipped with a variable speed massager that lets you select intensity and location.
  2. Your toe nails will be clipped and shaped.
  3. You ‘ll get a complete cuticle service that features correct and precise removal of excess cuticle because it promotes healthy nail growth. Many other establishments skip the cuticles completely or just push the cuticle back without removing it in order to save time. Neglecting cuticles impedes healthy growth because it hinders oxygen transfer to the nail bed and simply pushing them back jams dead tissue under them leaving a perfect place for bacteria. 
  4. Your feet will be exfoliated using a pumice stone to remove dead skin.
  5. You’ll have a relaxing rejuvenating massage of the calves and feet.

There are additional charges for any extras such as polish, or sugar scrub.



Guys or gals, Melissa or Carrie do a really good manicure. They’re gentle, and thorough and are up on the latest industry standards.

Guys will appreciate the speed and quality of their service. The cuticle for many guys is a source of pain because of cracking or peeling. Harsh chemicals for cleaning, rough working conditions, and the constant motion and impact associated with manual labor all take a toll on the appearance and health of your hands.



Basic Manicures

  1.  The hand is soaked to soften the nails and cuticle for services.
  2. The cuticles are fully serviced and excess is removed.
  3. The nails are correctly clipped, shaped, and finished.
  4. A relaxing hand massage is done to improve circulation, dissipate tension, and improve flexibility.